Engineering Sector Recruitment


Specifically Recruitment for Engineering Industry


Broadly classifying the industry, it has 4 main branches (the most commonly applied), namely
1. Civil Engineering (design and construction of public and private works such as infrastructure; roads, railways, water supply, bridges, and buildings);
2. Electrical Engineering (design and study of various electrical and electronic systems; circuits, motors, fiber optics, electronics, etc.);
3. Mechanical Engineering (design of physical or mechanical systems such as power and energy plants, transportation, aircraft, power trains, etc.);
4. Chemical Engineering (using the principles of chemistry for chemical processing, as well as the design of new materials and special fuels).

However, civil engineering ranks first among them all, based on its size and extent of applications, infrastructure development and maintenance dependency, and large-scale project requirements. In fact, it is the largest and oldest of all engineering disciplines, stretching across various technical specialties and providing basic day-to-day functions and facilities.

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